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FAA and EASA pilot training in the USA. For helicopters and airplanes.

1000+ flight hours on our F1 visa.

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Since 1980

Hillsboro AERO Academy - USA

Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the largest and most respected flight schools in the world and has been based in Oregon since 1980. We not only provide world class training in helicopters and airplanes, but also set you up for success by providing the F1 visa with our CPT and OPT, which allows you to work as a pilot and build hours at the completion of your training.

For aspiring pilots in Europe

The cost effective solution

To get a job as a helicopter or airplane pilot in Europe, you need lots of flying experience. Also, companies rarely hire a pilot immediately after training. And that makes it that much more difficult to gain flying hours in Europe. Many young pilots therefore have to spend a lot of money on so-called timebuilding in order to prove they have the flight experience required for employment.
We are happy to be able to offer our European students a solution to this problem: Hillsboro Aero Academy partnered with the renowned Austrian flight school Rotorsky to offer EASA flight training in helicopters and airplanes. Our students are able to get all their FAA licenses in addition to the EASA ATPL theory and the EASA CPL(H) or EASA IR(A) and CPL(A).

Hillsboro Aero Academy

in numbers


Planes & helicopters

A fleet of 80 airplanes and 21 helicopters, providing an unmatched training experience.

Flight instructor

Over 100 flight instructors as one of the largest flight schools in the world.

Flying hours

We fly more than 59,000 hours per year with our student pilots.

Exclusive cooperation with ADAC

Optimal training standards

At Hillsboro Aero Academy, we have been working exclusively as a flight school with ADAC air rescue since 2020 and have designed our flight training specifically to meet the needs of air rescue. We ensure that you receive the best possible training to reach your full potential as a professional pilot. Our graduates are highly trained for air rescue and have excellent career prospects, although we cannot give a direct guarantee of employment. However, our close cooperation with ADAC air rescue ensures that our training meets the high standards of air rescue and that our graduates are optimally prepared for a career in air rescue.

I’m Phil, European Representative at HHA.
I help our students from Europe to make their dream come true. Contact me and we can talk through your situation together.

Phil Haupt, ADAC Helicopter PilotLanguage: English, German

Hillsboro Aero Academy

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